Pet Trasportation

Meeting the Medical Challenge

Domestic Pets

We know that the most important transportation we can provide to our clients, is the movement of a member of your family. That’s why we also take care of any transportation related function of sending your pet across the country or across the globe. All details including Boarding, Permit Assistance and Veterinary Services are all available.

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Small Animals

Smaller animals are a tremendous challenge while moving them by air. Many because of their size or structure are quite frail and can easily be injured if not handled properly. We ensure that every possible care and precaution is taken so that any animal in transit will be well taken care of from origin to arrival at destination.

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Sea life is perhaps the most difficult type of transportation we are involved with. Various environmental concerns and support functions must be firmly in place in order to ensure the survival of these creatures while in transit. With twenty years of hands on experience and training in these types of moves, we have developed a strong background and base of knowledge to safely move the giants of the ocean, or the smallest of the fry in your tank at home.

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Exotic Animals

It is estimated that 5 million American households have a pet other than a cat or a dog. There are several entities involved in transporting exotic pets internationally: The country of origination, the country of destination, US Fish and Wildlife, the veterinarian, the airlines, the destination country’s governing bodies, CITES and IATA.
Pet owners must contact each and every one of these entities when transporting their exotic bird internationally. Alternatively, Georgia International Airlines can contact these entities on your behalf.

Domestic Guidelines

Minimizing the Risks

Shipping Your Pet Domestically by Air

These guidelines are general GIA requirements for the transportation of pets via air. Due to the dynamic nature of pet relocation, these guidelines can vary depending on breed, destination, origin, and airline. Note: Transportation by ground requires little-to-no preparation.
Flexible and Reliable Shipping Methods

Date of Departure

Many airlines restrict the transportation of pets during summer months, especially when dealing with snub-nose dogs. Try to plan a pet relocation before July and after September, depending on your geographic location. Note: Residents in Florida may not be able to book a snub-nose dog on a flight out of southern Florida under any circumstances. GIA can arrange ground transportation to a cooler-climate airport.
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Size and Weight

We will need the size and weight of your pet(s). Most importantly, we will require the height of your pet while in a neutral standing position, measured from the ground to the tip of his or her ears.
International Anatomical Services

Other Vaccinations & Certifications

These vary by airline. GIA can take care of all vaccinations and certifications, including all ground transportation to and from the veterinary clinic. We will simply fetch your pet on these days at times convenient to your schedule. Often we are able to take your pet to the veterinarian and to the airport both in the same day.


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